The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation has concluded the campaign “Committed to Europe”, organised on the occasion of the celebration of Europe Day, which is celebrated on 9 May, with a wide impact on social networks and its website as far as the messages expressed by 129 people from different sectors of society are concerned. These videos have been uploaded to the Foundation’s website, its YouTube channel and its networks for their dissemination, where they will remain active.

With this campaign, Yuste Foundation has sought to keep the idea of Europe alive, to address its immediate future and recognise the values that have always united its member countries, such as solidarity, peace, respect for human rights and international harmony.

During the campaign, which ran from 2 to 10 May, the Foundation disseminated 10 compilation videos with messages expressed by politicians, diplomats, trade union and employers’ representatives, farmers, representatives of professional associations, intellectuals, historians, university professors, civil society, researchers from Yuste’s Alumni Network, university students and primary and secondary school students from different centres in Extremadura, among other groups. In addition to this, the campaign has featured a video compilation of excerpts from interventions in various international forums by King Felipe VI, Honorary President of Yuste Foundation, in relation to the dream, the idea, the reality of the common European project and the commitment to strengthen it.

In this sense, Yuste Foundation wanted to highlight its international nature by counting on testimonies of people from different European countries, such as Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland for the occasion, adding messages from Ibero-American countries, such as Mexico and Costa Rica, which wanted to join the European celebration. In short, the campaign ‘Committed to Europe’ has sought to be a melting pot of cultures and languages that reaffirm that the European Union is the solution to problems and that now, more than ever, we need more Europe.

About the Foundation

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation is a public non-profit-making body of cultural, scientific, research and disseminating nature integrated in the foundational public sector of the Regional Government of Extremadura. Among its objectives it aims to contribute to the promotion and consolidation of the existing links between Extremadura, Europe and Ibero-America under the principles of loyalty, respect for each other’s identity, mutual benefit and solidarity.
Furthermore, it supports the promotion of democracy, respect for human rights, the promotion of peace and international harmony as well as the development of all peoples and nations of the world through the promotion of culture, research, dissemination of knowledge and social integration. The Foundation works mainly in five areas: research, dissemination, training, culture and cooperation.

Some of its most outstanding programmes are: Campus Yuste, the Emperor’s Concerts, tha European Carlos V Award, the European Carlos V Award Doctoral Seminar, Euro Ibero-American Tribune, Aula Abierta and its publications.

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